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Vehicle Vinyl Wrap describes the automotive aftermarket practice of completely or partially covering a vehicle's original paint with a vinyl wrap of a different color, and sometimes the same color with a differing finish like a gloss, matte or clear protective layer. Other terms used to refer to vehicle vinyl wrap are car wrap, paint wrap, color change wrap, vehicle graphics, and paint protection.
The vinyl products I use on the vehicles I wrap are premium, top-of-the-line, automotive-grade vinyl films. This vinyl is specially designed for use on vehicles using paint-safe adhesive, malleability, and air-release features that make installation on your car as safe as possible. Unlike a re-paint that will ruin your vehicle's original value, a vinyl wrap will protect it! If down the line, you decide you want to change the color or go back to a stock look, the wrap can easily be removed. 
Cast Vinyl is the most common material used in color change wraps. A cast vinyl starts as a liquid and is cast into a sheet or form and then processed through ovens, evaporating solvents in the liquid. When the solvents evaporate, the remainder is a solid film, usually between 2 mil (printable media) to 4 mil (solid color) thick. Cast films conform well to curved shapes and firmly retain their original shape. This durability of shape allows for predictability on application and in applying heat to relax the material back to its natural form after modest stretching. In addition, cast vinyl is less prone to shrinkage because stress is not applied to the material during the manufacturing process. 

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Founder and President

Every car I wrap is like a painting. It's an extension of my artistic passion, mixed with my love for cars and trucks. I wrap all kinds of projects, from everyday car enthusiasts to commercial wraps, storefronts, and everything else you might want to be wrapped.

The possibilities are endless! Wraps by SF is renowned for quality wraps, reliability, and, most importantly, customer service!

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